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Local economic development office is established within the Neighbour Program SerbiaBulgaria, and was officially opened on 25.09.2009. Project is financed by European Agency for Reconstruction, and value of the project  is 100.000 eur.

The goal of establishing is to stimulating local economic development, to increasing inflow of domestic and foreign investments and increasing living standards of the citizens of Pirot. Purpose of the office is to provide informations to all potential investors. That is first contact with investors about their requests and inquiries, contact with small and medium companies and providing of all necessary informations to the beginners in the business as well to all the citizens and other interested parties.

In October 2018 on the territory of Pirot registered 482 active companies, which represents a slight increase in comparison with last year. According to the financial statements submitted to the APR for 2017 of the total number of companies, only two of them belong to the category of large ones - Tigar Tajers and Tigar ad, three are classified into medium-sized companies - S & V Drilling Mine Services doo, Drumovi A & D d.o. .about. and Kubiktrans plus doo, 52 are small, while the rest are micro-economic companies.


Companies classified by sectors

Sector Number Percent
Trade companies 154 31,8
Manfacturing 133 27,4
Civil engineerinng 41 8,5
Traffic 37 8
Agriculture,forestry and fishing 35 7,5
Expert,science and innovation companies 24 5,1
Others 61 11,7
Total 485 100

According to the number of employees the two largest companies in the Pirot "Tigar tyres", and "Tigar" ad which together employ more than 4,600 workers. The biggest foreign investor is French "Michelin".














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