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Free Zone Pirot AD is located in the southeastern part of Serbia on the pan-European corridor Xc, near corridors IV and VIII, the shortest connection between Europe and Asia. It is 80 km away from Sofia and 75 km from Nis. It is equipped with a complete infrastructure and a freight and transport center. It extends to 122 ha 02 and 86 m2. The space of the office space in the Free Zone is 14.479 m2, and the closed production area is 215.917 m2. The area of the closed storage area is 200.920 m2, and it is open 648.491 m2.
In 2016, the Free Zone Pirot had a total of 102 users, of which 67 were domestic and 35 foreign. All users together employ a total of 6016 workers. The production deals with 18 domestic users, while 49 domestic and 35 foreign users are engaged in construction and service activities. Tigar Tires, part of the Michelin group that manufactures car tires, and Tigar A.D. which produces next to footwear, technical rubber and many other rubber products.

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General benefits offered by the Serbian government to the investors

  • Products that are at least 51% of Serbian origin are exported to the Russian market with the duty of just 1%,

  • Low tax rates;VAT 8%/20% in Free Zones 0%,property tax;0,4%,tax on profit and capital gains 20%,

  • Investments over 7,5 million usd and 100 newly employed workers are not subject to income tax in the period of 10 years,

  • Tax exemptions for the eligible investors that invest in vocational training,vocational rehabilitation and emplayment of the disabled.

Benefits for operating in the Free Zone Pirot

  • Export of goods and services from the Zone and import of goods ans services in the Zone are duty and tax free.

  • Imported equipment,machinery and construction materials and duty free and free of other charges.

  • The goods brought into the Zone are VAT free.

  • Fuels such as electricity,gas,fuel oil,and coal,are VAT free.

  • City of Pirot exempted the users of the Zone that have emplayed 200 and more new workers from 30% on the income tax.

  • Municipality of Pirot exempted the users of the Free Zone Pirot from 50% on the property tax.

Benefits that exist only in Pirot

For the constructions of new facilities in the zone,the users are exempted from;

  • Fees for urban planning

  • Fees for the taxes and municipal administration fees

  • Fees for using urban construction land

  • Connections to the local water and sewer infrastructure

  • Fees for urban conditions and approvales

For exploiting the premises,for the period of five years ,the users are exempted from;

  • Local utility taxes

  • Fees for using urban construction land

  • 50% of the cost of garbage collection

Benefits of the logistics centre of the Free Zone Pirot

  • Customs operating in the Zone -customs papers

  • Fast and efficient procedure of import/export

  • Expert staff with relevant certificates and licences

  • Terminal for customs inspections and parking of the vehicles monitored by the security service

  • A set of logistics services-transportation organization,handling,loading,shipping services,etc.

  • The project of construction of intramodal logistics terminal as a strategic project on corridor X encompasses:

    Expansion of the existing customs terminal with the appropriate equipment

  • Construction of a modern container terminal

  • Construction of a Ro-La terminal

  • Road and rail trans -shipment services

The personnel employed in the Free Zone Pirot in the freight forwarding sector allow for very quick implementation of the procedure of import / export of goods. Efficiency is also contributed by the presence of customs, ie, customs records and customs clearance terminals. We also have parking for trucks that provide security services.
In addition to freight forwarding services, we provide domestic and international transport services, warehousing services, freight forwarding and closed storage at reasonable prices. To the users of the free zone Pirot, there is also a professional workforce of different profiles for physical and administrative work. You can build your warehouse or production space on an infrastructure park in an industrial park.
For her work, Slobodna zona Pirot has received many awards, among which we highlight four national awards "Best from Serbia", the VIRTUS Corporate philanthropy award in 2013. On the list of the most attractive places for investing in the world with the greatest benefits to users, 2012 Free Zone Pirot has taken 41st place, so that 2014 Free Zone Pirot is among the 34 best-rated zones in the world according to the estimates of the largest center for evaluation of potential investment the location of the magazine Foreign Direct Investments, by the Financial Times.


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