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Pirot municipality is located in the heart of the Balkans, on the half way between Nis and Sofia, on the internationale highway to nNear and Middle East. Pirot characterized by favorable geostrategic position and good connections road and railway network: international road E-80,Corridor 10 and highway M-9, electified railroad Nis-Pirot-Sofia ( a branch railway road E-80, Corridor 10 and Athens, as well as the direction of Ljubljana- Zagreb- mBelgrade- Skopje – Athens). Aiports Nis and Sofia are located at 70 km away from Pirot. Pirot municipality has about 57.928 inhabitans and covers an area of 1.235 km2.

Advantages of Pirot municipality are:

•    The favorable geographical position
•    The Master Plan of Pirot
•    Established Geographic information system
•    Great resources of free labor force
•    Geenfield and brownfield sites
•    Benefites for investors
•    Utility municipal administration
•    The tradition of industry and trade
•    Profitable investment – oriented utility systems
•    Satisfactory percentage of recoverability utilities
•    Stara Mountain nature park
•    The natural wealth (sources of drinking water, forests, pastures meadows)

The favorable economic climate

In Pirot operates 485 companies and 1.399 entrepreneurs. Holders of economy are Tigar Tyres and tigar AD.
According to the records from the Pirot NES office for November 2018, the number of unemployed was 5.667.


Where to invest:
GUP are provided for the following industrial zone:
Industrial Zone “Beg Basca” (a total of 9 ha), the free 3,3 ha
85 acres is fully equipped with infrastructure
Industrial zone Barije (Bozurato) – 9,6 ha, free 100%

In the municipality of Pirot operates “Free Zone” AD with the ownership share of the municipality which is one of the first and true forms of public- private partnerships in the country. According to it's results, this is the most successful zones in Serbia.

Benefits provided by Pirot
In order to attract investment Pirot adopted a decision approving the special benefits when leasing of land, construction and operation of the facility within the Industrial Park Pirot.

To build within the free zone users are exempt from paying the fees for:
•    organizing the construction of land
•    fees and expenses of the municipal administration and issuing documents
•    the requirements for connection to infrastructure networks
•    issuing approval for connection to the infrastructure network
•    connection to infrastructure networks

Local economic development office of Pirot offers complete logistical support for all interested investors.
According to the Urban Department of the Municipality of Pirot for the authorization process for construction and occupancy permits for the construction of industrial permises must be at least 30 days of wich to regulate procedures in municipal administration 3 to 5 days.


Guide for Investors

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