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State incentives for investment projects of 4,000 to € 10,000 for each new job,
- Since 2001, the growing trend of foreign direct investment (FDI). $ 17.4 billion - the total FDI inflows from 2003 to 2011 (source NBS)
- The lowest income tax in Europe - 10%
- VAT on goods and services: 8% and 20%,
- 10 years of exemptions for large investments (EUR 8 million and 100 employees)
- Tax credit: reduction of income tax by 20 to 70% of investment in fixed assets,
- Big supply of labor force with superior efficiency and low operating costs. Special tax incentives in hiring younger than 30 and older than 45 years of age
- Import duty exempted for raw materials, components and equipment. The possibility of duty-free exports of around 4,650 products in the USA,
- Restructured and stable financial system,
- Simple procedures for establishing and registering companies,
- Simple procedures for carrying out foreign trade activity and the realization of foreign investment,
- Easy access to foreign markets (mobility of goods to about 800 million consumers):

 • Serbia in March 2012 granted candidate status in the EU,
 • CEFTA agreement,
 • Agreement with the EFTA countries, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Turkey,
 • Exchange with the USA is realized at favorable terms of trade,
 • Trade with the EU is carried out under favorable terms of trade, tariff reduction from February 1, 2010.


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