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Responsibilities and functions of local economic development office Marketing

• Preparation, updating and distribution of promotion materials

• Organization of promotional events

• Participation in trade fairs and exhibitions business

• Organization and/or participate in information campaigns about the importance of foreign direct investment and promote business concept that reflects to the local community

• Presentation of the local government at the regional, national and intarnational levels, in activities related to the LED

Maintaining of existing, attracting new and expanding of local business activities

• Constant contact with representative of investors (domestic and foreign)

• System approach in dealing with potential investors

• Organization of visits to the economic potential for the potential investors

Contacts and direct support of the local business community

• Daily contacts with local entrepreneurs, research to improve their business skills

• Assessment and evaluation of options for strengthening the capacity of the support of local economic development

• Provide legal and technical assistance, advising and timely provision of informations

• Creating a training program for start ups in business and business associations

• Organization of training for small and medium companies and entrepreneurs in the domestic of writting projects and preparation of documentations for loan requests

• Providing assistance to local entrepreneurs in the registration and pre registration

• Promoting the concept of entrepreneurship and public-private partnerships

• Support to the strategic planning process

• Daily communication with the council for strategic planning

• Monitoring the activities and meetings of the council

• Supervision of projects coming from the strategic plan for the led

Financial stimuls

• Contacts for banks that have branch office in the municipality in order to use date from financial market andappropriate representatives of the local business community

• Identification of current financial resources and the recommendations of the most appropriate financial package of services and credits to users of the LED office

• Preparation of recommendations for the creation of local microfinance and guarantee workforce development

Workforce develepment

• Cooperation with the National employment service-municipal branch

• Preparation and implementation of training program for instructors and consultants in the area of LED and entrepreneurship

• Preparing data base of available labor force in the municipal

• Providing informations to unemployed about the possibilities to start their own businesses, the needs of investors and self-employment programs

- Incentive of economic exchange in the cross border region Montana-Pirot

- Modernization of local cultural centers in the cross border region Cupren-Pirot


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