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Pirot is a small European town in the southeast of Serbia with a rich cultural tradition and turbulent history. Located on the significant international transversal “Coridor 10", wich  connects Europe with Asia, in the Middle Ages known as Via Militaris.
Pirot is an administrative center of the largest districts in the Republic,which consists of municipalities with him Dimitrovgrad, Babusnica and Bela Palanka. His familiarity Pirot primarily due Pirot sheep's cheese, Pirot carpet today is certainly the biggest investor “Tigar Tyres”.
Today Pirot is possibilites primarily in the development of tourism, healthy food and manufacturing production.  City throws open its doors to all investors who want to invest their capital in the development of Pirot economy and stands available  to them both in consulting and obtaining the necessary documentation in a modern equipped service center as well as any other help. Welcome!

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