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“Water supply and sewerage”

Water supply is carried out from four sources:

• Kavak , capacity 70 -100 l/s
• Krupac I , capacity 150 - 1000 l/s
• Krupac II, capacity 40 - 600 l/s
• Gradiste, capacity 105 - 800 l/s

All the available amount of water past a chlorination process.
Public company "Water and sanitation" provides the conditions for an average monthly production of 520,000 m³, thanks to the water supply system of a total length of 121.5 km. It also provides healthy drinking water to about 50.500 citizens of the town and surrounding villages, where 99% of the city covered plumbing, and 12 villages in the City of Pirot, with about 10 200 inhabitants. Quality control is a constant, and the percentage of correctness sample drinking water is high - over 97%
The coverage of the sewage network in the area that covers the municipal system is 98%. The total length of the pipeline is 105 km.

Public company "Komunalac"

Founded in 1961 as a public utility institution. In 1978, alignment with the Law on joint work has grown into a working organization to 1989, organized as a public company by the decision of the organization that brought Pirot.
"Komunalac" deals exclusively communal activity-collecting non-hazardous waste. Solid waste management is 98%. The percentage of waste removal is 100%. This company is at the discretion of the Municipal Assembly in 2012 merged with Public Company "Parking service".
The basic vision "Komunalac" is to continue to provide quality municipal services development and constant improvement of technological and human resources, based on the principles of environmental protection and ensure the continuing education of all employees

Public utility company "Regionalna deponija Pirot"

City of Pirot, Babusnica, Bela Palanka and Dimitrovgrad 08.09.2011. Intermunicipal agreement signed regional cooperation on the issue of solid waste management. On the basis of that agreement mentioned municipalities 18.11.2011. concluded an agreement on the establishment of the PUC "regional landfill Pirot". This company was established for the business of disposing solid waste and raw materials management from the municipalities founders.
The company takes over management of the built system for disposal of solid waste in the phase that allows safe operation, the technology safe depositing waste with monotoring the environment.
The company has allocated a plot of building land at the location "Muntina padina" that includes the landfill body surface area 113711.07 m² and narrower protective zone covering an area 71,344.10 m².

Public utility company "Gradska Toplana"
The main activity is the production and supply of steam and hot water.
The heating system includes residential buildings, public buildings and commercial space. Coverage is 23%. Heavy fuel oil. Regularly monitors air pollution and so far all parameter values of emission of harmful emanations were within acceptable limits.
In December of 2011 she began to work a new power plant PUC Heating Plant "Senjak" with installed capacity of 27.5 MW.
In 2015, the planned reconstruction of the existing and installation of new substations.

Public company  za planiranje i uređivanje građevinskog zemljišta

The main activity of this enterprise is construction of roads and streets, and their reconstruction in the City of Pirot, spatial planning, urban planning and landscaping and villages in City of Pirot, creating conditions for construction, urban, architectural, civil and other design, construction and maintenance utilities and facilities of general interest.


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